New Video / Photography / Podcast Studio Now Open

We are extremely pleased to announce that we have expanded our operations to include a fully functional video studio in response to client requests.  And since we don’t like doings things that only serve single-purpose needs, we also kept our photographer friends in mind, as well as our current level of business operations and needs, and we think things turned out pretty well…

While we have had video cameras in all of our studios for quite some time, enough clients (and potential clients) had requested “something more like a set for a TV show” that it was time to listen.  As a result, we’ve expanded our operations at our Royal Oak location to take over a suite at the front of the parking lot at the same location as our main studios, and have built out a fully functional setup with multiple high-end cameras and other gear to support just about anything and everything you could ever want to do.

Multiple configurations are available thanks to the combination of desks, tables, chairs, couches, and backdrops that we’ve put in place.  This new studio will support everything from a photo shoot to an eight person podcast setup, and from a solo video setup designed for YouTube distribution to corporate needs for training videos and more.

Two people behind a news desk look?  Got it.

A talk show look with a host behind a desk combined with a couch or a few chairs?  Got it.

Couches facing each other for a more casual chat with a larger group? Got it.

Simple setup with a couple chairs for a more intimate chat environment?  Got it.

All that and more, including all the lighting you could ever hope for, green screen capabilities, and of course just as soundproofed as all of our other studios with gear designed to maximize your recording experience.

We’re ready.  Are you?  Check us out and drop us a line when you’re ready: