Motor City Hypnotist Podcast with David Wright – Episode 7: When Hypnosis Goes Wrong

Motor City Hypnotist Podcast, Episode 7: WHEN HYPNOSIS GOES WRONG! PRE-INTRODUCTION In this episode of the Motor City Hypnotist Podcast I am going discuss what happens when hypnosis “goes wrong” and explain the reasons why! And I’m also going to be giving listeners a FREE HYPNOSIS GUIDE! Stay tuned! INTRODUCTION What is up people? The Motor City Hypnotist Podcast is here in the Podcast Detroit Northville Studios. Thank you for joining me on this episode of the Motor City Hypnotist Podcast. FIND ME: My Website: My social media links: Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: Instagram: motorcityhypno If you would like to contribute financially to the show, you can find me on Patreon: FREE HYPNOSIS GUIDE Please also subscribe to the show and leave a review. Please also join me each week as I co-host the Psyched by MG podcast. (Stay with me as later in the podcast, I’ll be giving away a free gift to all listeners!) This episode of the Motor City Hypnotist Podcast is brought to you by Banner Season. Online marketing is saturated and people rarely open their emails. Are you in sales or does your business market to customers? How do you connect with family, friends, and clients? Banner Season takes your marketing into the “real world” by delivering kindness and thoughtfulness directly to your client’s physically. Imagine the excitement of your family, friends and customers as they receive personalized cards and gifts in their mailboxes. Go to and begin today to express kindness and make connections with others. I am David Wright and with me is my producer Matt Fox. WINNER OF THE WEEK; Gary Larson TOPIC INTRODUCTION Today I am going to be talking what happens when hypnosis goes wrong? That could mean many things and typically it is the result of an emotional reaction. ABREACTION; What is it? The expression and consequent release of a previously repressed emotion, achieved through reliving the experience that caused it (typically through hypnosis or suggestion). WHEN AND WHY? *People may react emotionally when they reach a state of relaxation in their body and mind that they have not felt in a very long time or maybe never at all *Clients who typically “feel” more emotional are more apt to experience it *In a clinical setting, I would generally work the client through the thoughts and feelings in a supportive manner. Four Steps 1. Speak calmly and firmly (let them know they are okay) 2. Tell the client to open their eyes and focus on me (brings them back to their present environment) 3. I don’t touch a client during an abreaction 4. Help the client become comfortable and relaxed and debrief on what happened and that it is not harmful. James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA August of 2019. Summary: James Madison University hired a stage hypnotist for a comedy stage show during their freshman orientation week. According to news reports, the show was quickly derailed after numerous students began having “emotional reactions” and stating they were “stuck in trance”. The hypnotist ended the show quickly and tried to attend to the individual students who were having negative reactions. Police and EMS services were called due to the large number of students having difficulties. My thoughts: Disclaimer: These are my professional opinions as I did not witness the show live and my thoughts are based on news reports, reddit posts from students and a YouTube video by one specific student who attended the show. *The hypnotist did not give a very clear and detailed pretalk (with the assurance that you CANNOT get stuck in hypnosis) *The hypnotist according to all accounts was trying to deal with 100 people rather than focusing on a few students on stage *Once the audience members started reacting emotionally, he should have stopped the show immediately rather than try to push forward. *The “spread” was likely caused by “crowd mentality” and fear. (possible attention seeking). CONCLUSION: As we discussed in a prior podcast about things you must know before hiring a hypnotherapist or hypnotist, it is important that the hypnotist is experienced and has control of the situation either with an individual client or in a show setting. FREE HYPNOSIS GUIDE I am giving everyone a free gift. My PDF Guide to Hypnosis. I’ll provide the link in the show notes and on my facebook page! NEXT EPISODE: I will discuss movies and television shows that accurately portray therapy! Change your thinking, change your life! Laugh hard, run fast, be kind. Listeners, I let you go! David R. Wright MA, LPC, CHT The Motor City Hypnotist