Lovelogical – DNA Not Required – Episode 37 Dr. Teresa Moore

Join us on the Lovelogical FB Live for the Lovelogical-DNA NOT REQUIRED® Podcast as we welcome our special guest Dr. Teresa Moore! Dr. Moore is affectionately known by many as The Purpose Pusher. Lovelogical families in growth can truly benefit from this amazing woman.

As the owner and operator of Emages Counseling and Advocacy Services, Dr. T offers a variety of therapeutic services, including but not limited to individual, married and group
counseling; assessments; and educational treatment services to clients and families in the time of

She’s worked with the developmentally disabled and mentally challenged population for 26 years in various leadership roles.

Holding both a Ph.D. in Religious Education, and a Master’s
of Counseling, she prides herself on masterfully combining the Word of God with psychological processes and procedures to help her clients break free from past wounds and hurts that continue to hold them hostage.

Listen in to learn how you can break the cycle within your family with assistance from Dr. Moore! #lovelogical #dnanotrequired #family #mentalhealth #lovefamily @ Podcast Detroit