Knockouts and 3 Counts – Episode 149 Lindsay Snow : working for AEW,WWE, and NWA in the same year, Winning Bloodsport, First Tattoo story

#AEWDark #NWA #LindsaySnow We are BACK and have the return of “The American Kaiju” Lindsay Snow who has been on quite the tear even during the pandemic. She is the winner of the most recent installment of Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport and gives us the story behind returning to the tournament after her first appearance. We also get in to how she went from working with #NWA ato showing up on #WWERaw during Raw Underground and being bummed she didn’t get to compete . We also get in also get in to the #tattoo debate that broke out between Taz and Excalibur and about a potential tattoo in the works for the Human Suplex Machine ! SUBSCRIBE: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM : ko3cpod FACEBOOK : APPLE PODCASTS: