Innovation Calling – Transforming Rural America

We take for granted the food on our table, never truly thinking about where it came from. However, still at the heart of this country is Rural America, and it’s been a very underserved market due to connection availability.

Pete DeNagy has an incredible story on how he founded IoT America, and the blaring problem he saw the opportunity to solve. In this episode we discuss how this technology will help save farmers billions of dollars, and how it will tremendously help food supply issues.

1:02 – What is IoT America and how they set them self apart from other competitors

5:00 – Bison, Cattle, and John Deere tractors, oh my!

7:30 – After all of these years of technology, why is this just available now?

11:45 – Rural America is ready for a big movement in technology, and how a product like this can affect you

16:00 – How is an industry that typically isn’t tech savvy embracing a very tech driven product

18:15 – How two years ago, an idea sparked at a conference was the catalyst for this company

25:30 – What’s next for IoT America, and what will be done with all of the data that the sensors are collecting

28:00 – How IoT America is helping solve just ONE billion dollar problem (and it’s one of many)

31:00 – Is Rural America embracing technology at a faster pace than others, and the ROI case for these sensors

33:00 – What’s next for IoT in Rural America

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