Innovation Calling – The Impact of Emerging Technology On Healthcare

When it comes to hospitals and healthcare the areas where technology can be implemented can feel endless. As a CIO, it can be a challenging job understanding where to best focus time and efforts to create the best possible experience for their patients.

In this discussion, Jonathan Goldberg is the CIO of Arkansas Children’s Hospital joined us to discuss the state of technology and healthcare, what his hospital is doing to make sure they’re constantly enhancing the patient experience, without incorporating too much technology, and some of the challenges they face when trying to offer healthcare, not just at a hospital level, but a state-wide level.

5:20 – Jonathan talks about his career and his journey, and how he moved into the CIO position, and how he ended up in Arkansas

7:45 – How does a CIO begin to understand all of the emerging technology, and where, as a hospital, you should begin to implement

9:47 – Understanding the structure of Arkansas Children’s Hospital

10:35 – How hard is it to get doctors on board to embrace new technology, and some tips and tricks to getting doctors to adapt to what is coming

12:30 – Are doctors in a research facility more adaptive to technology or is there still pushback?

13:20 – Instead of will they use it, making the question how can we make it as easy as possible for them to use?

14:50 – How does the role work with other members of the hospital’s C-Suite to make sure the technology is the right one.

16:16 – What is the current state of health care when it comes to technology?

19:58 – How to avoid chasing the new shiny technologies vs. understanding what is truly necessary.

22:48 – What is the current vision for Arkansas Children’s Hospital along with their goals?

24:40 – The importance of virtual care, and why, in Arkansas, it’s crucial

27:38 – Understanding the adoption of technology in rural areas or Medicaid patients vs. standard insurance patients

29:20 – Is there a push for technology with a younger generation of parents in charge of care?

32:20 – When it comes to telemedicine what are the gaps from where we currently are vs. where we want to be?

35:30 -Does Malpractice Insurance change when it comes to telemedicine?

37:12 – How much is emerging technology getting adopted in the healthcare space vs. just talk?

40:12 – As a teach hospital what other emerging technologies are they incorporating into their business?

44:39 – The genomics project that they embarked on and the status of that

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