Innovation Calling – Tackling Diversity & Inclusion to Drive Innovation

When talking to Aries Webb-Williams, we realized we had a lot to learn about what it means to be inclusive and how to create more diversity within tech organizations. So many times we are heads down in our own world, focused on creating amazing things that when it comes time to build and hire, we aren’t branching out to create a more diverse workforce.


We had a candid conversation about the problems that tech companies are now facing, and how to overcome those by first being more aware. Then we talked about next steps on what you can actually do about it.


Whether it’s being more diverse with gender, age, or ethnicities, we know we can all do better in creating a more diverse workforce.


3:00 – What does inclusion even mean when it comes for tech companies

6:45 – The areas where diversity makes an impact (we’re talking ethnicities, age, gender, etc)

8:30 – What are the questions you can ask when you realize you need to be more inclusive

10:15 – The role leadership has when it comes to building an inclusive environment

12:00 – Have we becomes too ‘woke’ of a society (Syya’s word) where it’s actually become negative?

13:45 – The areas you might not be considering when it comes to inviting more inclusion into your company (these will surprise you)

19:30 – What you can do as an employer to branch out your network and do more

21:20 – Education or Empathy? Which ones do tech companies need more?

24:00 – The obligation of businesses to make sure they’re really working to be better about this

26:00 – We went to the women discussion when it comes to pregnancy (And Aries has one hell of a response)

29:01 – How can companies expand their talent pool

32:57 – What companies can do to get the most creativity and productivity from their employees

35:20 – The awareness that we need to see as we help the younger generation

39:00 – Why embracing these issues can be the innovative part

41:24 – What can we do to help these women to learn to stand up for themselves and navigate their own careers

45:20 – Why mentors are so crucial and the things we may not even consider when helping others grow their career

50:13 – Forget getting men to consider us more equal when  we’re on our worst enemy – What do we do about this?



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