Innovation Calling – Revolutionizing The Airport Experience

When you think of the evolution of airline travel over the past 20 years, you may think a lot about fees, but that’s about it. Ajay Vonkarey found a way to utilize the wasted time for business travelers and streamline the airport processes we had learned to just expect.


As a true entrepreneur who saw a problem, Ajay developed the solution.


In this episode, we discussed the origins of Flyght Club, and how it’s transformed in just a few short years since inception. We also discussed the technologies this application is utilizing and what is on the horizon for this evolving business.


2:00 – The story of why Flyght Club began


5:50 – The evolution of the app, and what it turned into.


7:30 – Are users more interested in the networking side of the app or the grab and go?


9:55 – Storytelling time about some success in using the apps.


12:35 – Applying the #AI hastag. How exactly did this platform come to live, and how are they utilizing this technology?


15:05 – How many of your LinkedIn contacts do you actually know? How Flyght Club and help you increase that number.


16:00 – New things that are getting added to the app.


18:35 – Another hashtag #robotics, and how it applies to this company (it’s actually really cool!)


19:25 – Having the legalities conversation and making it all work with the various restaurants in the airports


21:25 – Is nickel and dining the name of the game now of airlines, and are we just supposed to accept this?


25:50 – What kind of security has to be considered, and what has Flyght Club already done to protect its users


31:30 – What are the biggest adaption challenges that Flyght Club has faced?


34:15 – Do we need to worry about our security when we’re flying?


36:00 – What other features are coming down the line for Flyght Club (think Pre-check help)


Want to know more? You can find the app on Android and iOS stores. You can find it