Innovation Calling – Pioneering The Immersive Experience Through Art and Emerging Technology

If you haven’t already visited Meow Wolf, it’s definitely something to add to your bucket list. What started as a group of Sante Fe artists getting together to create a space where imaginations run wild, to now a large company moving into 4 new locations.

Meow Wolf has taken art and emerging technology to create an experience like no other, and everyone is paying attention. When it comes to innovation, there is no doubt that Meow Wolf is on the forefront, specifically with art and experience.

We were honored to sit down with Sarah Brin, Strategic Partnerships Manager at Meow Wolf who gave us some inside looks as how Meow Wolf has built such an incredible business, culture, and experience. We also talked about how they integrate technology into art, and what’s next for this amazing company.

To learn more about Meow Wolf, visit their website at

Here’s the official time breakdown:

3:15 – What is Meow Wolf – and what makes them so unique

5:30 – How has Meow Wolf evolved their first experience to expansion?

7:15 – The story of Meow Wolf is nothing short of amazing. How has leadership been developed so they could move from several people to now a 400 person company?

9:15 – What does a Digital Story Program Manager do?

10:30 – How does the balance work? Does art or technology come first in the creation process?

11:30 – Does everything stay internal or do you bring in external partners?

12:45 – Are companies now coming to Meow Wolf to try to get their technology within the new exhibits?

14:00 – How do growth and expansion change the original business model of creativity leads all?

17:15 – How much does a company like Meow Wolf rely on technology because of what kids now expect?

22:00 – Is Meow Wolf selling out and exploiting local artists?

24:00 – What’s the process for selecting artists as they move into cities?

26:40 – What is the growth plan for Meow Wolf?

30:32 – What has been the community impact of Meow Wolf?

37:00 – What’s next for openings for Meow Wolf?