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Disruptor – Did I get your attention? Either you were excited or rolled your eyes because I think we can all agree that this buzz word might be just a tad overused.


However, when it comes to today’s guest, this is truly a word to describe her.


Adele Archer, co-founder of Eterneva, is disrupting not just one, but two age-old industries. First, in diamond creation, and the second is the funeral industry. After losing a loved one, and trying to find the best way to honor their life, Adelle found herself less than enthused with any of her options.


In a true entrepreneur format, she reached out to her co-founder and together they started Eterneva. This company is making waves, and Adelle has recently been featured as Inc. Magazine’s 30 Under 30.


We learned more about how they are disrupting these industries, and what’s next for this driven entrepreneur.


Here’s the official breakdown:

2:45 – The inspiring story of why Adelle wanted to create Eterneva and truly disrupt (we know that’s a buzz word), but she really did disrupt an established industry

6:30 – The power of intuition, and seeing a need in a marketplace

7:05 –  Adelle discusses the challenges of building a company that she didn’t have a background in (she came from the tech world)

9:15 – Adelle discusses her tenacity in how she found the right people to help her with this company

11:15 – We talk about Adelle’s young age, and how she has overcome any obstacles she has come building a company at such a young age.

13:45 – Where Adelle got her drive for entrepreneurship

15:01 – What makes Eterneva’s technology so unique

17:45 – How the carbon affects the turnout of the diamond

20:07 – How Adelle created her own unique spin on a process that others were doing

23:40 – What happens when a diamond just doesn’t fit up to par

26:49 – What’s next for Eterneva and how they will continue to transform this industry and experience

29:45 – We talk about the development of their experience and any ways they can improve it

31:41 – We dig more into the process and how they are memorializing their clients


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