Innovation Calling – Avacraft: Taking On Giants In The Kitchen

What drives a woman to start a business with zero background in an industry that is heavily saturated, but with a unique perspective?

Avacraft was founded by the husband and wife duo, Asha Kangralkar and Vivek Kangralkar. Asha was frustrated with the lack of customer service from high end cookware.  So she saw an opportunity to create better quality, safer and aesthetically pleasing cookware with an emphasis on a culture of customer first and personalized B2C interaction. What began as a desire to create kitchen aids to prepare meals for Asha’s family has become a one-woman mission to bring quality cooking tools and an overall healthier kitchen. As a woman entrepreneur, Asha shares her challenges, highs and lows on starting a business from scratch and carving out a niche in the highly competitive cookware industry.

Avacraft’s commitment to  user experience and quality products  attracted Amazon to highlight Avacraft on the Day One: Stories of Entrepreneurship Series.

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