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Accelerating Performance For the Next Esports Stars

As Esports approaches a billion dollars in annual revenue, we know we’re only seeing the beginning of this industry. As you see more and more players striving to become professional, and more money being injected into these teams, how do we first ensure the right path for these players. Plus, how do we create the...

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Psyched by MG – Episode 4 Coping With Fear

Dealing With Fear, Especially With The Coronavirus Outbreak, And Ways To Cope With The Anxiety

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JRE for Genevieve – Episode 14 Is Life Fair

Katie and Luke discuss how expectations and our idea of fairness affect the way we experience the world.

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Life Rules – Episode 19 What Happens When You Put Two Brides-To-Be In The Same Room?

Tabs and producer gal Cait are both brides-to-be which means one question about their weddings and there was no stopping them. Ever wondered why people get married? This is a gem, turns out not all women who get married were obsessed with it as little girls… we found two, and their stories are sweet!

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Beer Tour Guy Podcast – Episode 34 Fenton Winery & Brewery

On the Beer Tour Guy Podcast Episode 34, Steve from Motor City Brew Tours talks with Matt & Ginny from Fenton Winery & Brewery. Listen in to learn about all of the fun stuff going on in the Michigan beer industry.

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Berkley Local – Episode 5 Green Lantern Pizza and Gatekeeper Games

Berkley Local is a podcast spotlighting businesses in the community. Episode 5 of the Berkley Local podcast features Pete from Green Lantern Pizza and Tim from Gatekeeper Games.

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Storyteller Conclave – Episode 45 Massive Combat

Giant monsters demolishing whole cities! Fleets of ships firing barrages of cannons! Giant armies littering battlefields with broken bodies! Sara & Rob discuss the hows and whys of massive combat encounters, and how to make them move your story instead of hindering it! We also take some time to answer a few listener questions from...

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Another Page Turner – Episode 13 Corona Virus closes ECCC

We discuss how the corona virus will change how we do conventions this year, including how to utilize Facebook and other platforms for virtual conventions. a quick Cover your ass PSA by Stefani and a few other topics on the latest episode of Another Page Turner

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Knockouts and 3 Counts – Episode 117 Curt “The Lone Star” Stallion and Evolve 147 preview

Curt Stallion joins the show talks about how he got in to the business his thoughts on ACH and how he believes he is next up in the world of Evolve and we preview Evolve 147

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Lovelogical – DNA Not Required – Episode 55 Womens & Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day!

Today is Women & Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. We will have an open conversation with qualified guest regarding how to protect the women in our lives. We will also share statistics which should cause more fear than any virus out in society today! We will discuss a community awareness event being held this weekend, March...

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Urban Embodiment – Episode 10 – Black Media Spectacular

In this week’s episode UE Talk turns into the Black News Network as we bring in some of the biggest names in Black Media! We will be discuss getting into the industry, CoronaVirus, the election and more in this important episode!

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Reasons Why I’m Single – Episode 195 You Sound Like a Human Bop-It

Staci joins the rest of us on Netflix, and Chelsie’s date doesn’t like to share. Check out our Instagram @RWISpodcast

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Cosplay Confidential – Episode 83 Live at Astronomicon with King Kamehamayhem

We catch up with Russell from King Kamehamayhem Cosplay live on the con floor at Astronomicon, and grill first-time cosplayer and congoer Rachel on her experience at such a unique event. Keep creating, inspiring, and sharing the love! Original music by Russell Kela (Yes, that Russell). You can donate to our Ko-Fi to get a...

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Tales From the Barside – Episode 17 Dram Shop Laws, Coronavirus, and Sex…Protect Yourself!

Lauren and Remy discuss some heavy topics that are affecting our industry, and then lighten it up with the usual fun stuff. Wash your hands!

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On the Up and Up with B – Episode 47 The industry night continues: 3TD

Tonight the squad sits down with the founders of 3TD and upcoming artist Jayona as we discuss her single unavailable. Which is available on all streaming platforms. We also discuss plans for her moving forward as well future projects in the works.

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Animal Talk – Krissie Newman Pit Road Pets (Rewind) – Episode 101

Animal Talk rewind Krissie Newman Pit Road Pets (Rewind 6-18-2006) talking about the Ryan Newan foundation and car racing. Tons of callers and soem great trivia. On this episode you will hear Dr. Brad, Donna, Jamie and Roark. Home Pit Road Pets: NASCAR Stars and Their Pets – 1st Edition We have a Pateron page....

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Animal Talk – We went for ice cream – Episode 100

Jamie, Brian, & Sam in the Podcast Detroit – Northville Studios. Sam’s back and we went for ice cream. Boy do we know how to party. Great behavior questions and listeners checking in from the socials. We have a Pateron page. Thanks for considering supporting us. Get the T-shirt now Animal Talk, it’s...

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