Listen to Studio 4

These are instructions for listening to shows broadcasting live from our 4th studio.  For shows broadcasting from our main studio, please click here, and for shows broadcasting from our 2nd studio, please click here.

Listening to shows from the 4th studio in the Podcast Detroit building is pretty simple.

Click “play”.  Voila.

You can call in at (248) 838-3661 while shows are live to let your opinions be heard.

If you want to listen live, there are several ways you can do so:


The easiest way to listen and get engaged is through our own app.  It’s currently live in the Google Play store for Android devices and the Apple store for iOS devices.

You can listen live, engage on social media, chat, and even call into the shows all through our app, which can be downloaded for Android devices here:

And apple devices here:

Find the “Live From Studio 3” button, click it, and you’ll be tuned in.


If you just want to listen through your web browser, it’s pretty simple.  Just use those players up above.

When there’s not a live show going on, the Studio Stream will play back episodes, other shows, music, our intros, or whatever else we decide to load up in there.



Soundcloud –

iTunes –

Google Play –

Thanks for your interest in listening, and we hope to hear from you during the shows!