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Cosplay Confidential – Episode 69 Youmacon Wrap-Up!

Join Sean and Kiki as they discuss their Youmacon experience this year. Keep creating, inspiring, and sharing the love!

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Reasons Why I’m Single – Episode 179 PSA-ing Yourself

Staci has another friend also named Chelsea, and Chelsie is obviously not jealous. Chelsie went on a double date that had everyone in tears.

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Knockouts and 3 Counts – Episode 104 Impact Wrestling’s Rohit Raju aka Hakim Zane

Impact Wrestling star and me ever if the Desi Hit Squad Rohit Raju aka Hakim Zane calls one talks impact the indies and more !

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S6 E7 | Epithet: Homophobic

Calvin, Kent, and Steve sit down with Rick Goldberg, Matthew Storey (Skype Line), and Randy walker to discuss the definition of homophobic, whether they’ve been accused of being homophobic or called someone out for it, whether calling someone homophobic opens dialogue or closes it, context vs. intent vs. impact, and if the problem of homophobia...

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Bread, Black, and Green: Cashing in on the Green Rush in the predominantly Black city of Detroit

Dr. Vee Helene talks with Mitzi Ruddock, a Michigan marijuana advocate and founder of Buds, Corks, Forks (BCF), Black Cannabis Access & Advancement Alliance (BCA3), and yeWE (ya’ll eat WE EAT). We discuss the new Michigan marijuana licenses available, social equity, and the status of African Americans in the Detroit area having a stake in...

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Beat the Buzzer – Episode 42 Compromise

Happy Birthday to KT’s mom. The group talks a lot about compromising situations in relationships and how they react. Come have some fun

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On the Up and Up with B – Episode 34 Female takeover Pt.2

The ladies are back in the booth delivering another episode of empowerment, confidence, and debauchery. They will be breaking down stigmas and double standards that exist today.

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The Good Reverend Jim – Episode 33 The Good Wife Erica

The Good Wife Erica has finally joined in on a podcast! The Good Reverend Jim does not have any special qualifications except a passion for astrology, loving people, being a happy person and being in a fantastic relationship with his wife for over 20 years. He considers himself the happiest man in the world because...

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Redefining The Customer Experience Online And In The Real World

About this Discussion: It’s a fact that as we become more dependent on technology for customer experience, traditional brick and mortar retail businesses must align for evolving expectations. It is simply not enough to have product available to touch, taste, experience. Consumers are very interested in better products at better prices and better experiences. Even...

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Rocki Harris on Interracial Relationships & Sex – Smart Love, Smart Love with Dr. Joe Kort

Why is the black penis more imagined than seen on screen? And, how do we dispel the stigmas about black versus white penis size? These are some of the subjects this week’s podcast delves into. Joe’s guest is Detroiter, Raquelle ‘Rocki’ Harris – host and producer of Rocki’s Reality Podcast on Motor City Radio. Together...

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Black, Educated, & IntimiDATING – Episode 3 Control Your Whoremones

Catch up with your favorite hosts as they detail how life has been since the last show. Also, learn how to control first date hormones and stand firm in your standards.

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Life Rules -Episode 003- How To Be A Friend

Friends tell the truth, not what you want to hear. Finding friends and keeping friends as an adult can be kind of tricky! In this episode, we’ll help you navigate communicating with friends, how to have tough conversations and how to be sure you’re surrounding yourself with the right people. Plus, we’ll talk about being...

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S6 E6 | Epithet: Racist

Calvin, Kent, and Steve sit down with Rick Goldberg, Jennifer Kinney, Jennifer Moore, David Phillips, and Matthew Schmitt (Skype Line) to discuss the definition of racist, whether they’ve been accused of being racist, context vs. intent vs. impact, whether black people in America can be racist, and if the problem of racism needs to primarily...

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Storyteller Conclave – Episode 28 Our Favorite Games (Patreon Submission)

This week, our topic comes from our Top Tier Patreon, Nox-in-a-Box! Nox requested that we spend some time talking about our favorite game systems, and what really speaks to us about those systems that gave them a special place in our hearts. Thanks, Nox! We also take some time to answer a few listener questions...

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Berkley Local – Episode 1

Berkley Local is a podcast spotlighting business in the local community. On this monthly one-hour podcast, your host and Berkley Chamber member Steve Johnson, will interview two different local businesses. The participants tell their story to their customers and the local community. Our goal is to help you learn about and support these local businesses...

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Drunken Confessions – Episode 29

In this episode we talk about weird sex toys, what we hate the most about the holidays, and we play a little game called nail polish or porn.

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Another Page Turner – Episode 7

Today we talk a little about working with publishers, the ins and outs of submissions and how best to set yourself up for success. Also we do a quick wrap up of Grand Rapids Comic Con and Akron Comic Con.

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Reasons Why I’m Single – Episode 178 They Can’t All Be Winners

Staci goes to Chicago and runs into all the chocolate she could eat while Chelsie interrupts and Randy brings the facts. We’re now on Spotify!

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Cosplay Confidential – Episode 68 Youmacon Room Party with Lightly Salted Tris and Impy Cosplay

Tris and Tyler join us at Youmacon to catch up on all things musical theatre, TV bingeing, and of course cosplay. Keep creating, inspiring, and sharing the love!

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Transcending Time & Space: Augmented Reality Gaming

We’ve become a society that’s tied to our devices, and it’s becoming a bigger issue generation by generation. Kids spend less time playing outside and more time sitting in front of a gaming console.   Queue Stephen Dodds to do something about it.   Ever since Stephen was a kid, he had a dream of...

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Lovelogical – DNA Not Required – Episode 43 A Biological Moms Adoption Story

This special podcast features a selfless act of love story. A biological mother helped create two Lovelogical homes when she placed her children up for adoption. Her love for her children was placed first. We are blessed to have her share her story with us!

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Heard! Podcast – Episode 124 Round Two with Street Beet

We talked to Nina and Meghan from Street Beet back in March 2019, just before their adventure to Los Angeles for the Vegan Street Fair. Since then, a lot has happened. Of course, they’re continuing their series of successful pop ups. They were also finalists for Hatch Detroit and they’re currently using IndieGoGo to fund...

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Life Rules – Episode 002- What are you saying? How to be smart with your words.

Say Whaaaaat? Does it drive you crazy when you hear someone say a word or phrase wrong? Do you wonder if you are misusing words? It’s okay, we got you! Trying to sound smart isn’t always the way to win. In this episode, get on the right track for communicating clearly and pronouncing properly so...

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Beat the Buzzer – Episode 41 What a Time

We re-live Cardo’s graduation. KT let’s the group share his HOMEcoming experience. Also, we have some relationship scenarios for you. And we talk about some death

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The Sneaker Box – Episode 53 The Nike Kyrie 6 “Preheat” Collection

In this episode of TSB, Caesar, Geeno, Dunks, and Serena are in-studio with Caesar’s cousin Chene sitting in as a special guest. Let it be known that Geeno is habitually out of pocket. That’s it. There’s nothing else to add to that. We try to cop the new Nike Kyrie 6 that shock dropped on...

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