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Psyched by MG – Episode 5 Coronavirus Stress-How to cope!

Defining Coronastress- What everyone is experiencing emotionally and strategies to feel better.

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Drunken Confessions – Random conversation bonus track

Amy, Stefani, Dave, Jamie, and Matt with a special guest just video chatting due to lockdown. We do get one confession in! Bonus track

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The Way Station – Episode 63 The Future of Cons and Comics

Stefani and Dave are back discussing how indie creators are looking at alternatives to comic conventions during the current lockdown. We also discuss the future of indie comics as we see it and the issues that may occur with Diamond Distributing not sending out comics for several months.

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Artificial Intelligence In Times of Crisis

We know Artificial Intelligence can help with decision making, but can it help in a crisis that we’ve never seen before like what we’re experiencing with COVID-19? In this episode, we talked to Gary Saarenvirta of Daisy Intelligence, which uses machine intelligence to help retailers and insurance companies use data to make better and smarter...

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Northville Chamber Pod in the ‘Ville – Episode 4 Checking in with the Chamber

Executive Director Jody Humphries gives a sneak peek into what the Chamber has up its sleeve for 2020.

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Life Rules – Episode 21 How Do You Keep It Positive?

Sometimes it’s hard to stay positive, but when you do, life is SO much better. In this episode, we explore how we stay positive and organized. Plus tips on getting you into the right mindset and different ways we deal with anxiety which can increase negativity. More show notes and links at

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S6 E19 | The One with Social Distancing: Life Under Covid-19

Calvin, Kent, and Steve sit down (digitally) with Kati Belz, Anthony Holden, Mackenzie Maxwell (calling from Washington), Clifford Moore (calling from Japan), Jennifer Moore, Karen Kahn-Shultz, and Clara Storm to talk about how their work has been affected by Covid-19 and social distancing, how their personal relationships are changing, and how special circumstances can be...

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S6 E18 | A Conservative Millenial & Liberal Millenial Have a Conversation

Calvin, Kent, and Steve sit down with Kelly Cleaver and Joshua Lewis of the Saving Elephants Podcast to discuss the major differences between Republicans and Democrats, whether progressivism or moderation is the winning ticket, reactions to “the other guy” getting a political victory, political pragmatism, and what the major issues are in the 2020 election...

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Reasons Why I’m Single – Episode 197 Please Don’t Sue Us

Let us be your stress relief this week with stories, song rewrites, and general merriment. Let us know which song you liked best on Twitter @RWISpodcast

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Cosplay Confidential – Episode 84 Silken Stitches

Anne from Silken Stitches calls in to talk Critical Role, the joys of wearing historical garb on the daily, and how jigsaw puzzles helped launch her costuming career! Original music by Russell Kela Is there a guest you’d like to hear featured on a future episode? Submit your suggestions on our Guest Request Form, in...

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Knockouts and 3 Counts – Episode 118 ESPN Boxing Journalist Kel Dansby

ESPN’s Kel Dansby who along with his Co Host Andreas Hale run The Corner Podcast which brought us Wrestling with Stereotypes we talk about that his new venture in ESPN Ringside we talk MMA and WrestleMania on ESPN ?!?

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Tales From the Barside – Episode 19 Laughter is the Best Medicine

Comedian Nate Arbruster joins “Quaranqueen” Lauren and Remy for a social distancing podcast on this episode. What are bars like from a stand up point of view? Getting kicked out of a comedy club for having sex on a first Tinder date?! Crazy conspiracy theories and more!!

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Cosplay Confidential – Live at C2E2 with Yoko Cosplay and Gabbee19

Join Kiki on the con floor as she talks all things C2E2 and cosplay construction with her new friends Josh and Sarah of Yoko Cosplay and Gabbee19 Cosplay! Keep creating, inspiring, and sharing the love!

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The Morning Start Up – Episode 8 The Conversation Continues

This episode continues the discussion with nutrition expert Timia Domonics Smith with a focus on viewing nutrition from multiple perspectives other than just food and what we can do to help increase the opportunity for a balanced and joyful lifestyle. Timea shares her personal journey with food and how she became a nutritionist after having...

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Smart Sex, Smart Love – Episode 41 Skip McClatchey on HIV & AIDS

This week, Joe’s guest is Skip McClatchey. Skip works for Wayne State University’s Adult HIV/AIDS program and is on the show to discuss how HIV stigma is unwarranted, and helps nobody. Skip began his HIV work as a volunteer with the Wellness project in Ferndale, Michigan, back in the early 90s during the peak rise...

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Life Rules – Episode 20 Are Crutch Words Holding You Back?

Literally, like, and basically… We say these words like constantly without even thinking. Guess what?! We found an app to keep us in check. You won’t believe how many times we used these and other filler and crutch words in just 5 minutes. Want to cut out fillers and fluff from your vocabulary? SAME! 🙂...

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Knockouts And 3 Counts – Corona Virus comes to Wrestlemania, the state of Pro Wrestling and MMA

The boys break down all of the craziness that’s been unfolding since the Corona Virus outbreak and how its effected the world of Pro Wrestling and MMA. We look at what’s nest for Wrestlemania , and how we think it will play out. Wea also give our thoughts on AEW’s progress since their debut. all...

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Storyteller Conclave – The Quarantine Episode

Because we’re cursed to live in interesting times, many of us are self-quarantined due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But, just because you shouldn’t gather in person right now, doesn’t mean you have to stop gaming! This week, we discuss tools for gaming remotely over the web. We also take some time to answer a few...

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Urban Embodiment – St Patrick’s Day Special

Bars closed for St.Patricks’s Day! Don’t worry, UE got ya! Tune in to our St.Pattys Day Episode! We will sample Jubilee Wine as well as many other wines and cocktails while showing you how you can have fun at home! So kick back, grab your Irish gear and green beer and rock with Urban Embodiment...

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American Whiner – Rachel Keown Burke

Rachel Keown Burke and I discuss playwrighting, the coronavirus and child-rearing.

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Kim Stephens on Non-Panic Ways to Respond to Covid-19 – Managing Coronavirus Anxiety: Facts not Fiction!

Covid-19 has given us all cause for concern. This pandemic unfolding all over the world can be stressful for so many people. Fear, anxiety and being told to, “socially distance’ yourself can be overwhelming, and very scary. Kim Stephens, a Registered Nurse & Director of Clinical Operations for a Health Group in Michigan, is at...

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Reasons Why I’m Single – Episode 196 A Hyper Wiper

Staci updates us on her Love is Blind predictions, she’s almost caught up with the rest of America. Be sure to follow us on Twitter @RWISpodcast

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The Morning Start Up – Episode 7 Meditation and Nutrition

In this episode, the team discusses the importance of nutrition for one’s spiritual development. In light of the current pandemic, learning all ways to take control of our thoughts and calm our minds through Mindtation’s Touchstones: meditation, mindfulness, breath, sound and intuition, each supported by the food we consume is critical to our world’s well-being....

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Smart Sex, Smart Love – Episode 40 Mistress Lexi on What It’s REALLY like to be a Female Domme

On the show this week, Joe asks, “What is working in the female Prodomme scene REALLY like”? On this episode, Joe’s guest is Mistress Lexi – a popular domme in the adult fetish scene right now. Joe and Lexi go right under the covers of her world, talking about the nitty gritty of working in...

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Accelerating Performance For the Next Esports Stars

As Esports approaches a billion dollars in annual revenue, we know we’re only seeing the beginning of this industry. As you see more and more players striving to become professional, and more money being injected into these teams, how do we first ensure the right path for these players. Plus, how do we create the...

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