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Innovation in the Massage and Self-Care Industry

When it comes to emerging technology, you may not think about the self-care industry as one who is pushing the envelope in innovation. However, if there’s anything we have learned over and over again is that if you’re a company of any kind, you have to embrace technology in order to not just thrive, but...

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S6 E13 | Normal: Normal: Sex

Calvin, Kent, and Steve sit down with Amber & Joe Allen, April Golden, and certified sex therapist Cathy Saputo to discuss sex, polyamory, sexual health, expectations, shame, and the necessity of communication to stave off sexual discomfort. (Broadcast/Recorded January 19, 2020)

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Life Rules – Episode 12 Do You Get Caught Up In Comparisons?

Looks, education, lifestyle, material items and where you are in life compared to others. Lots of people compare themselves to people they know and people they don’t. But as always, we reflect on what you see versus what’s happening behind the scenes. How we’re each on our own journey and how comparing our journey to...

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Storyteller Conclave – Episode 38 Dynamic Storytelling (Patreon Submission)

This week’s show comes from our Patreon supporter Nox-in-a-Box, who asks, “How do you make player choices matter to your story? Please speak a bit about dynamic storytelling!” Making player choices feel meaningful, and being able to adapt your story to those choices is very important to a good experience, and Sara & Rob are...

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Another Page Turner – Episode 10

We discuss print vendors in artist alley selling licensed IPs, a bit of why to choose a vendor spot over an AA spot, and how perception and time can change an opinion on a film really easily.

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Animal Talk – Attorney Mike Morse Legal Pet Issues – Episode 94

Jamie, Brian, & Matt have a guest today. Mike Morse, Detroit Attorney with tons of information about legal issues with your pet. Mike is a riot. He just started his own podcast too. Listen in to hear the whole story. Podcast Home We have a Pateron page. Thanks for considering supporting us. Get the...

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Creating the Ultimate Private Network for Women Executives

We’ve all heard the saying, “it’s lonely at the top.” For many female C-suite executives, rising Vice Presidents, and entrepreneurs this isolation is compounded because these positions are traditionally held by men. Women working in these positions find themselves mentoring and serving others but they do not have a place where they can receive that...

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Cosplay Confidential – Episode 76 Lauren Dragneel

This week, the sensational Lauren Dragneel calls in to share her cosplay backstory, Instagram injustices, and her minor wig obsession! Original music by Russell Kela. Is there a cosplayer you’d like to hear on the show? Check out our Instagram and Facebook pages to fill out a Guest Request form. Keep creating, inspiring, and sharing...

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Reasons Why I’m Single – Episode 188 Fight Night!

Are you Team Paco or Team Henderson? Is it weird that Chelsie thinks widowers are dreamy? Let your opinion be known in our Twitter poll @RWISpodcast

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The Hottest Trends of CES 2020

It’s time for our highlights from CES 2020!   Over the  next few weeks, we’ll be highlighting our interviews throughout our visit to this year’s CES.   This interview was a perfect start as we had the honor of sitting down with to discuss some of the biggest features and trends of CES.  ...

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Urban Embodiment – Episode 3 Hook Up or Hang Up w/ Gin and Rigo

On this special episode of UE Talk we bring in singer/ Songwriter the beautiful, “Gin” and real estate investor/ promoter/ Philanthropist, Rigo Flores in for Hook Up or Hang Up Live! Not only will they discuss some of their upcoming projects you will get to know them even more and possibly have a chance to...

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Knockouts and 3 Counts – Episode 111 Ken Kash talks BCWA Got Your Six UWF Disturbance and Royal Rumble Preview

Knockouts and 3 Counts – Episode 111 Ken Kash joins us for his first solo interview on the show to talk about his recent match at BCWA and his upcoming Title match at UWF and Kyle and Kash give their thoughts on this weekends Royal Rumble !

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The Sneaker Box – Episode 61 The Paul Rodriguez X Nike SB Dunk High

The Sneaker Box – Episode 61 In this episode of TSB, Caesar, Geeno, Dunks, and Sarena are in-studio. Caesar gives an update on our Sneaker Royal Rumble being held on Instagram. Caesar breaks his own rule by stating that, despite them being Pink, he would wear Aleali May’s Air Jordan 6. Jonah Hill, yes, Jonah...

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Crime in the Mitten – Episode 7 January’s Short Cases 2020

This episode we’re switching things up! We will be going back and forth talking about short cases that don’t have quite enough information to make a full episode but we really want to share. On this episode we will be taking about the following: -Kip’s Pizza Taco House -Juwan Knumar Deering -Erik Cross -Christopher James...

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Luke recaps the first few episodes and talks about refining the scope of the podcast to relationships, education, and work.

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Ruby Ryder on Pegging – Smart Sex, Smart Love

For those who don’t know, Pegging is a sexual practice in which a woman performs anal sex on a man by penetrating his anus with a strap-on dildo. It’s anal sex reversed. My guest this week is Ruby Ryder of and Ruby is a podcaster, blogger, sex educator and a published writer of...

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The Cynic Autonomy Podcast – V4: Deeper Than Deep

Tune in and get to know more about Essence and Janise, as they have a more relaxed conversation where they answer some random thought-provoking questions.

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Man Cave Happy Hour – Just A Taste Eagle Rare – Episode 53

Jamie and Matt at Ambassador Cigar for their ‘Smoke Show’ a fun count down of the best cigars of the year as voted on by Ambassador customers and a cook out. We Just a Taste of Eagle Rare today. (See the facebook page/gallery linked below for all 10 cigars of the year) Posted...

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Animal Talk – Cats, Scratches and Bears – Episode 93

Jamie & Brian talk cats (not the movie) but declaw and the law, plus your cat just might eat you given the chance. We have a great conversation with inventor Cynthia Garry. We gave it a test run with Percy Cat and it was a huge success. Also a conversation with Wayne Pacelle. He...

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Life Rules – Episode 11 How to Start a Conversation (when you don’t do small talk)

Do you ever find yourself around people that you aren’t comfortable with and struggle to start a conversation? Same! Small talk shouldn’t just be gossiping or talking about the weather, you can have meaningful conversations that aren’t too personal! In this episode, we talk about conversation starters and we go totally off script and realize...

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Tales From the Bar Side – The Slow Season

When the holidays are over and the money dries up, did you save enough from the busy season? Or is it time to think about becoming a cam girl? Dave and Kir join Remy and Lauren to discuss the finances of bar life and amateur porn opportunities.

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Storyteller Conclave – Episode 37 Handling Burnout

Running a tabletop role playing game can be a very rewarding activity. However, the effort, concentration, and responsibility involved can sometimes make it feel a bit more like a JOB than a GAME. When this happens, even the most experienced storyteller can begin to feel burned out and unmotivated to continue. This week, Sara and...

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Cosplay Confidential – Episode 75 Infectious Cosplay

For our first interview of 2020, Tony from Infectious Cosplay calls in to share how cosplay has been important for his mental health and finding his true self. Original music by Russell Kela. Is there a cosplayer you’d like to hear on our show? Check our Instagram and Facebook pages for ways to submit a...

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