How Companies Can Use Technology and Big Data to Stay Ahead of Their Competition

This conversation with Karen Rhodes is nothing short of fascinating as we several different conversations. Karen’s role has changed dramatically from starting out in the call center to now being an Account Chief Technologist with HPE.


We discussed the change in technology and security as IoT, along with other technology is being introduced at a rate that feels almost impossible to keep up with. We talked about corporate responsibilities in not just gathering data, but gathering the right information from it. We then talked about how corporations can make smarter decisions in adopting new technology, and actually bringing in the right technology.


There were a ton of nuggets from this one!


2:00 – Where are new technologies coming from, and how does technology within the data center sit today? We learn a lot about what’s changing in how we gather data, and how the security landscape has changed.


4:10 – As technology and security have changed, where does a company begin to even fend off the new risks that are continually being introduced? (And hint, it’s not about the technology, it’s about the humans!)


6:20 – Why AI isn’t a bad thing, and in fact, it can be a really good thing, and how businesses need to approach introducing the technology to make sure their employees are excited about this vs. fearful of it.


7:35 – Taking a step back to truly understand the definition of AI, and why it’s not just a matter of robots, but what it really looks like to implement AI technology.


9:25 – As much as we want to create more thought-proving work for people and remove the mundane tasks from their workload, is this really a welcomed changed? And how does the motivation to help make these changes come to play?


11:41 – Breaking down the public sector industry. How innovative are they, and are they truly on the edge of cutting technology? And the big problem that’s been born with Big Data and IoT – Is the data really saying what it’s saying.


15:20  – The other big issue with Big Data in Public Sector is how can people work together when it comes to gathering so much data from various resources


22:30 – Do politics have a play in data and what we do with the information we’re gathering?


23:10 – Does in-house vs. the cloud truly matter any more? And then Karen is kind enough to define AI vs. Machine Learning


26:40 – The problem in the corporate world where people are making huge decisions in technology spaces, but truly don’t understand the technology. And there’s a lot of wasted money being spent because of our current buzz word craze.


And the ONE question they simply need to stop and ask.


29:40 – Karen’s advice for business leaders to attempt to stay on top of all of this technology


33:55 – The questions decision-makers should learn to ask to vendors before making huge decisions


35:05 – What’s the best way from high school into the technology career


37:20 – Why constantly learning is crucial for your career and business growth.


39:40 – The one thing the older generations sell themselves short on when it comes to learning new technology


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