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IT in the D

The IT in the D Show So what do a couple of IT guys from Detroit talk about when they go to the bar? Welcome to the IT in the D show, brought to you by long-time Detroit IT veterans Bob Waltenspiel (The Sales Guy), and Dave Phillips (The Geek). The duo has been putting...

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The Undercard: Hand Combat Radio

Hang out ringside with Brad, Marv, Jimmy, and the Ring Girls as they discuss hand combat and more. From boxing to mixed martial arts to pop culture to the latest feud between Marv and Jimmy, The Undercard is fun and informative. Listen each week as Team Undercard brings you interviews with professional and amateur fighters,...

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The Nooner Show

It’s never too late to start something you love. Take a leap of faith! Having a hard time getting over the hump? Need a little zest in your day? Take a break with The Nooner Show. Join writer and business owner Jackie Wallace and Singer/songwriter Rocky, for a fun and upbeat hour of talk radio. Their show...

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Internet Advisor

Foster Braun, Gary Baker, Ed Rudel and Cal Carson discuss the latest technology news and solve computer problems to improve listeners’ Internet experience. Monthly experts: Rick Broida, the Gadget Guy, Emily Hay, Social Media and Shane Hamelin, Gaming and Computer repair and more. To view all episodes individually, please click here:

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M2 Tech Cast

Mike Brennan and Matt Roush give you a weekly dose of tech from around the area.  Listen to M2 (Squared) TechCast to hear interviews by Mike Brennan and Matt Roush with news makers in Michigan technology, business and politics every Monday from 3 to 4 pm. You’ll also hear news updates on Apps, STEM, Cybersecurity,...

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Better On Draft

Beer in The Big D. What else could you ask for on each and every Friday night at 7pm? This is what you can expect from the guys over at the Better on Draft Podcast. Dan, Nick, Ken, Matt, and Robert, along with some friends and guests will talk about their favorite beers, breweries, bars,...

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Who We Are

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