Heard! Podcast – Episode 116 The Magic of M Cantina

“The Liquid Chef” Junior Merino is the Executive Chef at M Cantina in Dearborn, MI. Merino’s approach to food and drink is steeped in history, familial connections, and sensory exploration. Calling M Cantina, “a Mexican restaurant,” is only part of the story. Yes, Merino is cooking Mexican food, but his explanation of what that means to him is as layered and complex as his food. You can learn more about M Cantina at http://mcantina.com. If you want to see photos from this week’s episode, follow Heard! on Instagram @heardpodcast. You can also follow us on Facebook to see the photos – https://www.facebook.com/heardpodcast/ .

Thanks to Schoolcraft College for sponsoring this episode! If you’re interested in culinary school, visit http://schoolcraft.edu/culinary.