Heard! Podcast – Episode 110 What Can Salsa and Sandwiches Teach Us About Life?

Carlos Parisi, owner of Aunt Nee’s/Sandwich Connoisseur/Host of Sandwich Talk Podcast/Pop Up Entrepreneur/Food Enthusiast, joins us to discuss all of his many roles and how he bends time & space to have enough hours in the day. You may know Aunt Nee’s from Eastern Market or your local grocery store. Carlos can be found all around Detroit. He is almost always at Eastern Market on Saturdays. He also has his hands in a number of different pop ups around Detroit. We share an 18 layer Italian sub from Gonella’s. You can learn more about Aunt Nee’s at http://auntnees.com/. Thanks for listening! Please take a second to subscribe and leave a review. You can follow Heard! on Instagram @heardpodcast to see behind the scenes photos and the 18 layer sub.