Heard! Podcast – Episode 100 – 100 Episodes How Sweet It Is

EPISODE 100! For this sweet occasion, we are joined by the co-owner of Good Cakes and Bakes, April Anderson. Situated on the “Avenue of Fashion,” in Detroit, Good Cakes and Bakes is more than a bakery, it is a community space opened to anyone who wishes to spend time there. As a bakery that uses all organic ingredients and tries to employ people from the neighborhood or returning citizens, Good Cakes and Bakes is a truly philanthropic business focused on making the community around it a better space. For more on Good Cakes and Bakes, you can visit http://goodcakesandbakes.com. Thanks for listening! 100 Episodes is an impressive milestone. Let’s try for 200! For more Heard! including all of our previous episodes, visit http://heardpodcast.com.