FashionCast – Live from Orleans and Winder

Thinking of jetting off to Paris, France Fashioncast fans?  Save your money! Erin Wetzel, fashion merchandiser and curator extraordinaire, and owner of Orleans + Winder, invites the Fashioncast hosts to her boutique in Detroit’s Eastern Market where she sells a plethora of high-end fashion items from some of Europe’s most notable and emerging designers. 


In this exclusive on-site episode, Erin shares her extensive experience as a buyer and merchandiser, and the importance of collaborating with designers (many call her!).  Finally, she makes the case why designers should always stay authentic.


BUT, that’s not all!  You’ll marvel at Erin’s intellect and wit as she articulates a thorough grasp of the fashion industry’s issues including one of her favorite topics—sustainability.  If you didn’t know by now, you soon will—slow fashion is smart fashion, and may be the only way for the industry to recover from the environmental disaster caused by fast fashion.  Erin, via Orleans + Winder, has been successfully selling and educating the consumer on slow fashion since 2015. It’s clearly a mission friends, and Erin Wetzel is one of the industry’s leading advocates.


Listening to Erin Wetzel is the equivalent of enjoying the best prepared ten course meal, only in this case, you’ll wish there was more after the final course!  Bon appétit!