Coming Soon: Expansion, Increased Capacity, Band Capabilities and More

It’s hard to believe that we only launched in the middle of 2015 with the way things have gone so far.  From just starting with our own IT in the D show, and then adding a few more as friends starting asking to use the space, to absorbing an entire other network full of shows, to even more continued growth as we’ve now settled in at over 30 shows broadcasting and recording live from our studio…and even more via syndication…it’s been a hell of a ride so far.

It would be easy to sit back and coast, but that’s not our style in the least.  So that means it’s time to kick things up another notch or two as we move into 2016.  Plans have been kicked off for the first quarter of this year to see us nearly triple our studio recording capacity, provide a venue for bands to perform not only in-studio but also for fans if they should choose to do so, our green room area gets a major upgrade as our partnership with Activ8 Gaming Lounge gets even stronger…

So let’s get to some details…

Studio Capacity

  • 11707693_938763639498736_8505456017674042331_o2Today, we have a single studio capable of handling up to 8 people.
  • Upon completion, we’ll have three studios.  The plan is to have two studios with an 8 person capacity, and a third studio with a 4 person capacity to handle some of our single-host shows with an environment better suited to their needs.  The additional capacity will also be used for recording commercials for our sponsors and clients.
  • Each studio will have its own stream, and we’re already working on updating our app to support the new multiple channels.

Remote Gear and Appearances

  • 12208758_998144536893979_5174084598364392999_nWe started out with a four person remote setup, and that worked well for a while.
  • It’s been upgraded to be just as fully equipped as our current studio.  8 mics, remote inputs, and a dedicated laptop and stream.
  • We’ve already booked a number of sponsorships, engagements, and appearances for early 2016.  Our shows are booking coverage at bars and events throughout the area, and we’re expecting a pretty full calendar of remote events this year.  Looking forward to seeing you at them.

The Green Room

  • 1836912_512907142144277_7488902022139931609_oToday, sure, our green room is a comfy area outside the studio area, but there have been challenges.  With the open floor plan, if folks waiting in the green room get too loud, it can interfere with the people doing a live show.
  • So we’re solving that by strengthening our partnership with Activ8 Gaming Lounge, and Activ8 will be the pre-show green room.  If you don’t know what Activ8 is…you’ve been missing out.  Activ8 is a private gaming lounge, not open to the general public on a regular basis.
  • Our partnership with Activ8 is also going to enable some new capabilities for our studios, our shows, and our show’s guests as well…

Musicians and Bands

  • livemusicbandSeveral of our shows are heavily music focused, and having bands perform in our current studio environment has been limited to acoustic sets and smaller numbers of people.
  • With the addition of Activ8’s facilities, we now have a full stage area complete with lights, sound, and just about anything else a band could ask to have available.
  • Including enough room to have an audience outside of just the show hosts and guests.
  • And to make it even better, those performances will be fully available as an input straight into the studio, broadcast out and recorded as a part of the show.  The music, the crowd, the vibe…all part of the show.

Video Capabilities

  • Audio-versus-video-podcasting-712x474Times are changing, and with it, so is the technology required in order to maximize the reach and earning potential of shows.
  • So not only are we adding better audio capabilities to our studios, but we’re also putting the plans together for video in each studio.
  • We’re figuring out the logistics currently, but the game plan is to have show archives, live streaming, highlights from each show used for show promotional purposes…we’re trying to make sure that our shows have no limits on their potential reach.
  • Those audio and video feeds will be available within Activ8 as well, so people can watch and listen to shows in progress to better help timing, as well as letting people who just want to watch shows do so without cramping up the studio space for the hosts and in-studio guests.

Our timetable for build out is roughly five weeks (give or take…construction isn’t always an exact science), but we’re doing everything in parallel with our current operations, and so our shows will keep broadcasting live and without interruption while things are in progress.

We’re very excited about what 2016 has in store for Podcast Detroit as a network, as well as all of our shows.

Thanks for reading, and we hope you come along for the ride with us.