Detroit City of Champions – The Story of the 1935-36 Red Wings. Overhauling the Roster – Episode 27

Episode 27: The Story of the 1935-36 Red Wings. Part 5: Overhauling the Roster part 1 In each of his first seven seasons as Coach and General Manager Jack Adams had steadily built the Detroit hockey franchise into a championship contender. Or so it seemed. Following the Red Wings’ first Stanley Cup appearance in 1933-34 the team would regress so badly that they wouldn’t even make the playoffs. To make the situation worse, they were the only team in Detroit that was NOT winning! Tiger mania had consumed the city while the newly arrived Lions were romping their way through a ten game victory streak. Adams and Jim Norris knew that if hockey was to ever take hold in the city the Wings MUST win in 1935-36. In today’s episode Jamie, Tom and Charles explore the first phase of Adams’ dramatic roster overhaul which would eventually see 10 of the 15 players replaced.