Detroit City of Champions – The 1935-36 Red Wings. Pt 10. Regular Season: “Dogfight” – Episode 33

Episode 33: The Story of the 1935-36 Red Wings. Part 10. The Regular Season: “Dogfight”

Continuing the exploration of the Red Wings 1935-36 season Jamie, Charles and Matt Fox dive into games 26-33 (out of 48). A brutal stretch of road games which would see them face off twice against their Blackhawk nemesis as well as the tough-as-nails Boston Bruins. Can Normie Smith out duel Mike Karakas and Tiny Thompson, the two best goalies in the NHL? Find out tonight in City of Champions:

The Podcast – Episode 33 – “Dogfight”

We mentioned the news story that appeared on PBS Detroit Public Television about Champions’ Day and the Detroit City of Champions’ story.