Psyched by MG

Welcome to my podcast ‘Psyched by Mg’.


I am Marigrace Randazzo-Ratliff, or Mg for short.


I have been a psychotherapist in private practice for 32 years now. Watching and guiding people through all kinds of issues: Depression, Anxiety, Eating Disorders, Parenting issues, Addictions, Etc.


The hardest thing to watch is how people treat themselves when their issues show up. Guess what everyone . . . . we all have issues! They help us grow! And some of the ways we respond to them are funny. So it’s time to lighten up and move forward.


Let’s stop letting our crap control us and take control of our crap!


This podcast will teach you to fall in love with your sh*t! Once you stop feeling guilty and look at your problems with compassion and maybe some laughter, those problems will improve much quicker.


So . . . this podcast will: make you laugh, provide expert advice from special guests, give you insights into what leads you to be stuck in your own problem, and cover a wide range of psychological topics.


I hope you will listen in and enjoy the ride with me.


This is Mg and let’s get psyched!

Psyched by MG – Episode 5 Coronavirus Stress-How to cope!

Defining Coronastress- What everyone is experiencing emotionally and strategies to feel better.

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Psyched by MG – Episode 4 Coping With Fear

Dealing With Fear, Especially With The Coronavirus Outbreak, And Ways To Cope With The Anxiety

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Psyched by MG – Episode 3 Transitions- what are they and Coping with them!

Normalizing the stress of Transitions and exploring the best way to cope with them.

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Psyched by MG – Episode 2 How To Stop Being Single

Common Mistakes That Are Made While Dating Are Explored and Ease Solutions Are Provided.

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Psyched by MG – Episode 1 Finding A Therapist and How To Use It

Intro to Psyched By Mg, Finding a Therapist, Feeling Comfortable With Your Issues, & Helping Teens.

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Psyched by MG – Episode 0 Introduction To Psyched By Mg

Description of who Mg is and what she will present in her Podcasts.

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