Psyched by MG

Welcome to my podcast ‘Psyched by Mg’.


I am Marigrace Randazzo-Ratliff, or Mg for short.


I have been a psychotherapist in private practice for 32 years now. Watching and guiding people through all kinds of issues: Depression, Anxiety, Eating Disorders, Parenting issues, Addictions, Etc.


The hardest thing to watch is how people treat themselves when their issues show up. Guess what everyone . . . . we all have issues! They help us grow! And some of the ways we respond to them are funny. So it’s time to lighten up and move forward.


Let’s stop letting our crap control us and take control of our crap!


This podcast will teach you to fall in love with your sh*t! Once you stop feeling guilty and look at your problems with compassion and maybe some laughter, those problems will improve much quicker.


So . . . this podcast will: make you laugh, provide expert advice from special guests, give you insights into what leads you to be stuck in your own problem, and cover a wide range of psychological topics.


I hope you will listen in and enjoy the ride with me.


This is Mg and let’s get psyched!

Psyched By MG – A Secret Love- The Struggles Of The LGBTQIA Community Experiences

We explored the discrimination a person of the LGBTQIA community goes through.We identify the stressors ,fears, misconceptions and shame the discrimination can create. It is important to know where to find supporting that you are not alone when you are LGBTQIA. We provide references and resources in this episode.The journey of the two woman in…

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Psyched By MG – How Books Help Kids Navigate COVID Stress with Author Denise Bennan-Nelson

On this week’s Psyched by Mg episode, we have special guest Denise Brennan-Nelson, who has authored many children’s book. We discuss how books are a useful tool for children and their parents to use to navigate stress in this time of the COVID-19 pandemic. Psyched by Mg: Facebook- Instagram & Twitter- @psychedbymg Website:…

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Psyched By MG – Episode 12 Dr. Heller-Burstein, Guides Us Through Pandemic Stress And How To Take Care Of The Immune System.

We Identify Autoimmune Diseases; what causes them, symptoms, how stress affects the immune system, and how to treat them. We reviewed the pandemic stressors and how it affects the body and the importance of staying healthy.

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Psyched By MG – Episode 11 It’s All About Moms! Ways to Cope With All the Stress Of The Pandemic.

Helping moms to fight burn out and understand the stress they are experiencing. Home – David R. Wright

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Psyched by MG – Exploring COVID19 Stress for Men with Special Guest Jed Diamond

Well known author Jed Diamond PhD, LMSW and psychotherapists Marigrace Randazzo-Ratliff, David Wright, and Matthew explore stressors affecting men during COVID19 and key ways to cope. Special guest Jed Diamond wrote the books “Irritable Male Syndrome,” “Male Menopause,” “Enlightened Marriage,” and many more relating to men’s mental health. Jed Diamond: | David Wright:…

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Psyched by MG – Covid-19, Dealing with Weight Gain During Pandemic

Explored weight gain during this pandemic; Provided tips and techniques to lose weight; David Wright’s Links Home – David R. Wright ; Psyched by Mg Facebook Page

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Psyched by MG – Episode 8 Explored Characteristic and Traits of a Sociopath and Cult Leaders.

Identified and explored traits of sociopaths and cult leaders. Presented struggles a victim of a sociopath and or cult leader can experience. Reviewed the different levels of narcissism. Provided effective ways to get your life back after dealing with a sociopath. Battered Woman Hotline Number: 1800 799 7233 Psyched by MG Facebook Page: Connect…

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Psyched by MG – Episode 7 Explored The Tiger King’s Representation of Narcissism And Dissociation

Reviewed Tiger King And Its Connection To Narcissism And Dissociative Disorders And How to Cope With Coronavirus Stress And Trauma.

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Psyched by MG – Episode 6 Coronavirus Phases Of Stress And Narcissism

Identified The Phases Of Stress With The Coronavirus and Explored The Tiger King Series-What Narcissism looks like.

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Psyched By MG – Ways To Connect When Social Distancing

Provided Ideas and Strategies For Parents, Couples, and Families To Cope With Coronavirus. Tips To Handle Anger and Frustration Caused Self Quarantine .

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