Innovation Calling

What Is Innovation Calling and What Can You Expect?

Well, that’s exactly what we’re covering in this first episode of the podcast.

We’re Syya Yasotornrat and Erin Smith, two women who once paved their way in Corporate America and are now excited to feature some of today’s biggest innovators to discuss the way they’re revolutionizing their industries by utilizing the latest technology.

We discuss why we started the podcast, a little bit of our background, and what you can expect in future episodes of the podcast.

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The Role of Emerging Tech in Marketing

We know that data has changed organizations, and the way we do business. However, how has emerging technology and data had an effect on the marketing world? How has focusing on data allowed companies to be more precise in customer targeting, make better correlations between marketing and sales, and impacted the way companies attract customers?…

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Artificial Intelligence In Times of Crisis

We know Artificial Intelligence can help with decision making, but can it help in a crisis that we’ve never seen before like what we’re experiencing with COVID-19? In this episode, we talked to Gary Saarenvirta of Daisy Intelligence, which uses machine intelligence to help retailers and insurance companies use data to make better and smarter…

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Accelerating Performance For the Next Esports Stars

As Esports approaches a billion dollars in annual revenue, we know we’re only seeing the beginning of this industry. As you see more and more players striving to become professional, and more money being injected into these teams, how do we first ensure the right path for these players. Plus, how do we create the…

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The Upside For Consumers In Data Collection

In a world completely run by data, we may feel like we have no more choice in the matter, and that we just have to except it is what it is. However, Dean Shapero thought there had to be a better way. It wasn’t about blocking our data, but realizing that if someone was going…

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Blending Strategy Consulting and Technical Expertise to Application Development

About This Discussion: When it comes to application development, the industry can be a bit saturated. Between a plethora of overseas developers and a large community of developers in the US, it can be hard to determine where to go and who to trust with your company’s ideas and needs. We had the opportunity to…

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Securing The Skies From Next Generation Drones

About this Episode: In this episode, we had the honor of speaking with Brett Velicovich, the Strategic Advisor for WhiteFox Defense Technologies at CES 2020. Brett gives us the rundown on the need for drone safety and security measures. WhiteFox invented the counter-drone solution and develops products to securely manage drones in airspaces worldwide. Listen…

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Career Choices & What Lies Ahead For The Airport Experience

About This Discussion: What a great night at the latest recording of our Women In Tech series. This time we were able to sit down with Jodie Brinkerhoff, Vice president of Innovation at DFW Airport. Our main theme was choices and how they affect our careers. The considerations to take when making big career moves,…

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Propelling Photonics With IOWN

About This Discussion: The internet is not an infinite resource, bandwidth is limited. What are the plans for the future, what can we expect to see to help us navigate this reality? We were able to meet up with Kazuhiro Gomi of NTT and learn about IOWN (Innovation Optical and Wireless Network) a beyond internet…

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John Deere’s Exciting Vision For IoT In Agriculture

You don’t really expect to see a big green John Deere in the middle of the 2019 CES (Consumers Electronics Show) floor where companies from around the world gather to see next-generation innovations. What does farming equipment have to do with technology? We met up with Sona Raziabeegum with John Deere for a fascinating conversation…

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Innovation in the Massage and Self-Care Industry

When it comes to emerging technology, you may not think about the self-care industry as one who is pushing the envelope in innovation. However, if there’s anything we have learned over and over again is that if you’re a company of any kind, you have to embrace technology in order to not just thrive, but…

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