Booking Pop Culture – Episode 34 – The Great White North!!

Booking Pop Culture – Episode 34 – The Great White North!! We’re on the road, recording the Friday after Black Panther opened and just before we hit the ring for Superkick’d Pro Wrestling Rock Show in Toronto, Canada! I know… “Another Black Panther show?!?!”, but the way that flick is crushing the box office, why not?? We also talk Star Wars – The Last Jedi, Solo, and have a few run ins along the way… Enjoy!!

– It’s the Friday after our fist viewing of Black Panther and we dive right in!
– Has anyone seen that last Fantastic Four flick?!?!
– Breaking down the fights, and how much ass the women kicked!
– Positive messages and parking in the basketball court.
– The making of a perfect villain.
– Serious takes on Star Wars – The Last Jedi.
– Comparing Luke Skywalker to Stone Cold Steve Austin.
– A Psycho Mike and Jeff Brooks run-in!
– Great moments and getting Boba Fett’ed.
– No bread today, you get soup!
– Are Solo sales going to take a hit?
– A Shane Sabre and Phil Atlas run-in!
– Ain’t no party like a Lando Calrissian party!!
– Joe Coleman; Dr. Doom or whimsical friend?

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