Month: December 2017

Wrapping Up 2017, Looking To 2018

It’s been a seriously amazing year at Podcast Detroit, and we wanted to take a moment to think back on all that’s happened, what we’ve done, things our shows have pulled together, and then what’s on tap for 2018…

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Booking Pop Culture – Jedi Council Review of The Last Jedi

Booking Pop Culture – Jedi Council Review of The Last Jedi!! It’s Star Wars season, and we gave you a week to get out and see it! We’ll save the spoilerific comments here, but we brought some friends in and we’re here to dive deep into The Last Jedi, as well as talk all things Star Wars!! Enjoy!!

More Star Wars – The Last Jedi shows:

– Hear our preview of Episode 8:

– We’re guests on ITintheD for their preview of Episode 8:

– Back on ITintheD for their review of The Last Jedi:

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The Traincast, Episode 1

On today’s episode I sit down with Kyle Collison(@detroitnokout) and Devin Mcksenzie(@allsteaknosizzle) hosts of Knockouts and 3 Counts podcast. We have a great talk about MMA, Wrestling, and Podcasting. These guys are the real deal so check out Knockouts and 3 Counts on Podcast Detroit.