Month: June 2016

Three Studios Are Fully Up And Running

We now have three studios up, running, and ready to deliver shows to you.  Think of it like you do local sports networks – there’s the main station (in our case, Studio 1), but sometimes there’s more than one thing running at the same time, and so there are other channels that the station owns and runs in order to make sure you can still get to everything that’s available.  In our case, the easiest way to listen to anything and everything going on is through our app (available on Android and iOS), but we also have web based players available here on the site.  And of course everything will always be available after the fact in syndication on places like Soundcloud, iTunes, or even here on the site), and we’ve got a whole bunch of new shows that have started recently and even more firing up in the coming weeks…and of course, with the new studios up and running, we’re ready for you to find your voice and start your own podcast as well…

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